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Socket Shelf- 8 Port Surge Protector Wall Outlet

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You have definitely been in a few rooms that had little-to-no shelf space to set anything, which makes it nearly impossible to do anything of value in their. What would have helped this no-shelving situation? 
This unique socket-shelf is the incredible new wall outlet expander that adds a shelf to any outlet for clutter free counters.
It features a built-in storage shelf keeping all your electronics safe, organized and fully charged. Plus, it QUADRUPLES your power with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports! SOCKET-SHELF can be used on any standard outlet, with no installation required.

Keep toothbrushes and toothpaste within kids reach while keeping bathroom countertops clean. Perfect for following recipes in the kitchen, keeping your phone close and charged in the bedroom or the garage. SOCKET-SHELF is UL listed with surge protection and has a 180 degree outlet design, so it's easy, safe, and convenient.


  • Add a shelf to any outlet and triple your outlets and Creates extra shelf space over top any outlet, Keeps everything neat, secure and off the counter
  • Triples your power outlets - 6 power outlets,Adds 2 USBs for charging phones and tablets
  • Easy to install – Just plug it into any outlet
  • Built-in surge protection with light indicator (1000 Jules)
  • Great for every room in the house and even the garage.
  • Shelf Dimensions: 8" x 3.25"



        1 Pcs Socket Shelf- 8 Port Surge Protector Wall Outlet


        Question: Can Socket-Shelf be used with a horizontal outlet?
        Answer: Socket-Shelf is designed to work with vertical outlets, but you can use the device without the shelf on horizontal outlets if you want the extra sockets!
        Question: What type of outlets does the Socket Shelf Work on?
        Answer: The Socket-Shelf works on traditional 3 prong outlets along with GFCI (reset buttons) outlets.
        Question: How much weight does Socket-Shelf hold?
        Answer: Can hold up to 10lbs when plugged into a properly installed, secure outlet.  
        Question: How do I know if surge protection is working?
        Answer: Socket-Shelf has surge protection, indicated by the green LED light illuminated on the front of the socket.