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Smart Waterproof Bicycle Flashing Helmet

  • $116.95

Did you ever think you could safely ride your bike or skates in the night❓

This is your ultimate protection head gear while riding your bike, scooter or skates in the night

This helmet is equipped with 7 automatic light-sensitive LED warning lights, which can be automatically turned on or standby according to the ambient light intensity. The lampshade adopts precision mirror polishing process, the visible distance exceeds 180m, and the light mode is switched with one button. Tidal lights - strobe lights can choose different lighting modes according to different situations, and riding at night is more safe and reliable.

There are twelve ventilation holes that allows the flow of air into the helmet making your ride more comfortable, breathable and cool. The water repellent element allows you to ride in the rain.

The outer casing is made of PC (polycarbonate) and the inner casing is made of imported PSI-205T high density EPS (polystyrene foam). Internal and external integrated molding process makes it more resistant to impact and thus makes your ride more secure.

✅ Equipped with USB magnetic charging that gives you an entire week of power just by charging for 2 hours. It gives you 180 hours of standby and 36 hours of battery life

✅ The built-in sensor detects deceleration when you break that emits warning signals for 2 seconds letting the rear vehicles know that you are slowing down.