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High Altitude Workout Mask 3.0

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Feel Like A Champion With Our Fitness Mask

High Altitude Training Oxygen Workout Mask 3.0


  • Health: Train your body and mind to regulate your breathing to increase and produce quality air flow throughout your body. Crafted to help enhance the workout experience.
  • Performance: Increase your performance during a high-intensity running, cycling, or cardio workout session. Simulate the high-altitude training conditions without the need of traveling.
  • Results: Increase your results improving your breathing and training conditions by creating pulmonary resistance.
  • Resistance: Strengthens the diaphragm, increase your resistance and your capacity to better results.
  • Breath: Increases lung capacity, breath better during your exercises and increase your results with quality.

 some one training with the high altitude workout mask

The High Altitude Sports Training Mask will increase your workout results with quality. Build the endurance you desire while pumping hardcore gains! Without losing your health. 


Six levels of Resistance Change the intensity of your breathing without removing your mask during your workout. This training mask comes with a 6-level valve system, from light to extreme, depending on your endurance. Better breathing while training leads to increased stamina, workout capacity, and enhanced recovery.

Workout Mask in a fitness container

Durable and reliable, Exercise mask is made from high-quality ultra-durable construction. Made with sturdy elastic straps and it's super easy to wash, you are able to remove the mask from the strap so you can clean just the mask or the strap from any residue/sweat from a workout.

altitude training workout set

Custom Vented Face Plate, The NXT FORC3 Dial allows you to match your breathing exertion to your exercise effort at the spin of a dial. It’s just click, breathe, and train.