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Dust Mite Killing Pad

  • $22.99

Dust mites are the scourge of allergy sufferers everywhere. They are microscopic insects, not detectable to the human eye, that feed on human and animal skin shedding,These can cause a lot of health problems and allergic reactions.

If you have Allergies or Asthma, a tiny Dust Mites living in your home could be making a BIG PROBLEM for youBilled as “the world’s first dust mite detection, capture, and removal systemThe Dust Mites Killer Pad claims to be an eco-friendly way to simply and safely remove dust mites for up to 90  days.
In order to protect yourself, you should avoid Dust Mite to damage your health. 

  • GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH - Does not contain pesticides or harmful chemical ingredients. 
  • EASY TO USE- May be placed under the bed, within wardrobes, under the sofa or carpet, and more. 
  • Traps the dust mites into the cotton cloth with special attractants, and the dust mites are captured in the cotton cloth with adhesive.
  • One piece can be used for three months.
  • 24 hours uninterrupted, safe, non-toxic, free of pesticides.
How To Use:
  • All you need to do is remove a pad from its packaging

  • Place it between your mattress and Box Spring or under furniture, pet beds, and more.

  • An adhesive between each layer of cotton captures some Dust Mites.

  • After 90 days, simply dispose of the Old Pad and Replace it with another one.

  • You can use your phone or iPad camera to magnify the body of Dust Mites!


  • Color: Blue/Pink

  • Weight: 100g

  • Material: Cotton

Package Include:

  • Type 1:  3 x Normal Dust Mite Killing Pad.

  • Type 2:  2 x Special Dust Mite Killing Pad.


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