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Refund Policy

We offer a 100% refund or a replacement item shipped to your door free of charge if there is a mistake on our end. This applies to the following:

  • Your item is lost in transit
  • Your item is damaged in transit
  • You receive the wrong item or item description based on your order

**Note: Refunds are NOT available on Special 'Offer' promotional items, I.E: free gift + shipping - we can only offer a replacement as applicable to the above terms**

Please take time to order the correct item(s) (colour, style, pattern, model etc.) as we cannot refund you if you make an incorrect order. If you notice that you have ordered incorrectly, please let us know within 24 hours and we may be able to resolve the issue.

When purchasing clothing, please review the sizing information prior to your purchase as standard sizing varies between countries. If you choose the wrong sized item, we cannot accept returns or apply for refunds.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are unsatisfied with your item, please email us and we may offer you an in-store credit equal to the value of your purchase.