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King Sea Survival Tomahawk

  • $49.95

Every outdoorsman needs a quality axe that does what it's designed to do.

Need an axe you can rely on? The King Sea Survival Tomahawk offers that reliability, and more.


  • Front Bit Edge - Easily chops through wood, rope, cord, or any other unfortunate object in its path. This axe does the heavy work for you.
  • Rear Bit Edge - The spike applies greater pressure on the area struck, making it easier to chop through tough objects with an accurate strike. It's also good for splitting wood.


  • Multi-functionality - 2-in-1 axe that offers a clean chop and cut on the front with a splitting spike on the back.
  • Reliability, Durability - A high carbon steel head combined with a fiberglass handle, this axe is built to last. The head stays sharper longer, the handle doesn't splinter and crack like cheap wood.
  • Anyone, Anywhere - Campers, outdoorsmen, survivalists; on the trail, at camp, on the road - all can benefit from the usefulness of this axe.

Weight: 570g (1.26lbs)
Axe Head Material: High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Fiberglass